Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Food of Yesteryear

So...I was bad about blogging last year, you know that already. I was also bad about taking pictures of food. Some pictures did get taken, but not posted, some posts got started but were never published because there were no pictures...see a pattern.

I wanted to give you some of the foods completed last year that I actually took pictures of, to include these pumpkin pancakes (Martha Stewart recipe) you see to your left.

This was a little breakfast sandwich I was working on, on an asiago bagel.  This bagel sandwich made me contemplate all of my egg mishaps in life.
An ebelskiver is a delightful filled pancake.  There is a special pan that you can get to make these little pillows of goodness.  As you can see below I made a sweetened cream cheese mixture and added chocolate chips to it for the center.  Tasty!  
Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Filling:
1 pkg cream cheese (at room temp)
1/2 cup powdered sugar (more or less to taste)
 a dash of vanilla extract
a handful of chocolate chips

Mix together well with an electric mixer.

Sean and I grilled out a few times this past year too...this was a burger from this past summer. 
This was a sausage skillet with gnocchi. I was trying to find a a way to use left over grilled peppers and this is what I came up with.  Simple, pretty and pretty tasty.

This is my mom's famous chili.  It is probably one of my favorite things to make and one that I try to make often since it is in my top 5 comfort foods.  I will do a blog post on this sometime in the future.

Maple bacon scones...all I have to say is BACON!!!!

Chicken salad...I was trying to make a chicken salad that was similar to a restaurant here in town that I love to get chicken salad at, Flying Star.  I think I came close...very close.

Blackberry skillet cobbler...I have a fondness for my cast iron skillets.  I used my new 12" skillet for this cobbler.  The cobbler tasted great, but it ate the finish off the bottom of my skillet.  I had to put 2 coats of lard on the bottom of the thing to get it started on seasoning again.
Coconut cupcakes (Ina Garten recipe)...these were my contribution to a "Food Network" themed Thanksgiving.

Marshmallows (Alton Brown recipe)...I'm sorry but there are few things more satisfying than making marshmallow.  Making marshmallows just makes me happy.

 These have been just a few "foods of my labor" that I have enjoyed and I will followup with full blog posts on a few of these items..  Enjoy the foods of your labor.

English Scones on Foodista 


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